The implementation of Mecsek Discovery Center exhibition is almost at the finish line

The implementation of Mecsek Discovery Center (MDC), the new ecotourism facility of Mecsekerdő at Árpádtető, is progressing on schedule. At the exhibition, which is planned to be opened in autumn, visitors can learn about the natural and cultural values ​​of Mecsek through an experiential presentation. The MDC is part of the international ecotourism development called EAGLE, realized in Croatian-Hungarian cooperation with the support of the European Union.

The building itself is essentially finished, now the exhibition content elements and interior design solutions are being prepared by the staff of InnoTeq, the contractor company. One of the most spectacular elements of the presentation will be a digital table terrain. This touch-screen terminal controllable table terrain is connected with a full-HD projector.

In this way, lots of information can be presented in a uniquely spectacular way. The model combines traditional table terrain and modern digital technologies. Visitors will be able to see at a glance–among others–the geological and geographical structure of Mecsek, the history of uranium mining in the region, the mountain’s hiking trails, lookouts and tourist houses.

The exhibition will also include a fairy-tale corner, where the visitors can listen the mythical world connected to Mecsek in a performance by Jászai Mari Award-winning actor Ferenc Köles. They can learn about the history of the Abaliget Cave and the Turks, the origins of ‘Babás-szerkövek’ above Pécs, the myth of Zengő, Sárkánykút (AKA Dragon Well or the ‘Zsongor-kő’ (AKA Zsongor Stone).

In addition to all this, an information stand is also being prepared. This stand, with its rotatable elements will exhibit the rich wildlife of the streams of Mecsek. We will be able to immerse ourselves into the rich aquatic world of the region, into the mysterious life of various larvae of mayflies and caddisflies, freshwater amphipods and water scorpions.

The Mecsek Discovery Center is scheduled to open its doors in the autumn period.

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