Strenghtening international relations during the construction of Mecsek Discovery Center

As the opening of Mecsek Discovery Center (MDC) is approaching, the exchange of experiences between the participating countries and organizations is becoming stronger. A Croatian team arrived in Hungary in the middle of September, and shortly afterwards the Hungarians also attended the Croatian part of the project. Meanwhile, the elements of the exhibition are constantly being prepared.

MDC is part of the international ecotourism project called EAGLE, realized in Croatian-Hungarian cooperation with the financial support of European Union. Accordingly, the collaborating partners made several professional visits during the planning and implementation to learn about the progress of the developments.

This happened in September also. In the middle of the month, a group of twenty visitors arrived from Croatia, and during the two days they spent here, the participants were able to get to know the Hungarian results of the EAGLE project, including the ’Squirrel’ Nature Learning Trail (Mókus Tanösvény) and the accompanying smartphone app.

Two weeks later, a three-person Hungarian delegation visited the Croatian partners in Noskovci, where they gained experiences in connecting local nature education and eco-tourism.

Meanwhie, the interior design and exhibition elements of the MDC building in Árpádtető are constantly being prepared. Dorest-themed wallpapers and unique exhibition equipment will take their place gradually. In addition, the development of the special content continues – these displays represent different nature topics like wildlife management, bats or various forest plants.

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