About the EAGLE project

About the project

The diverse natural and cultural heritage of the Hungary-Croatia cross-border area, and in particularly natural and cultural assets of the Bilogora and Mecsek highlands, as well as the Drava river basin, are not utilized in a practice that would generate economic growth to the full capacity for tourist stakeholders in the Municipality of Pitomača and the Town of Pecs; both located in Zone B of the Interreg area. The existing tourist infrastructure in Pitomača and Pecs does not fully meet the needs and demands of the contemporary tourist market. The destination visibility of both sites is not efficiently developed and the common cross-border cooperation of tourist stakeholders in Pitomača and Pecs, despite 900-years of mutual history, is practically non-existent. Economic growth in Virovitica-Podravina County in Croatia, and Baranya County in Hungary is still sluggish compared to other regions of Croatia and Hungary, despite recent progress. GDP per capita of both counties is lower than their respective national average. The potential to generate economic growth through tourist activities is therefore a viable means to boost the economy in areas around the Bilogora and the Mecsek Hills, areas bursting with natural and cultural assets.


The project aims to boost the touristic attractiveness of the Bilogora and Mecsek area by developing existing natural and cultural assets in an approach that appraises the heritage of the region and connects the two highland areas:

  1. develop two mutually connected visitor centers with an empowered fully-functioning Hungarian-Croatian stakeholder network,
  2. sustainably advance and promote the visitor center – connected natural and cultural attractions.

The goal of the project is to generate economic growth through tourist stakeholders by boosting the tourist attractiveness of the two municipalities located in Zone B of the Interreg areas.


  • Project name – EAGLE (Enhancing the Adventure Generating Local Environment Pitomača-Pecs)
  • Project ID: HUHR/1901/2.1.2/0109
  • Program: Interreg V-A Co-operation Programme 2014-2020
  • Priority axis: 2 – Sustainable use of natural and cultural assets
  • Specific objective component: 2.1 – Convert the region’s natural and cultural heritage assets to tourism attractions with income generating capabilities, 2.1.2 – Tourism attractions


A cross border region

where rivers connect, not divide

A cross border region

where rivers connect, not divide

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