Interactive content of ‘Mecsek Discovery Center’ exhibition are being prepared

Mecsek Discovery Center will be a new ecotourism attraction of Mecsekerdő in Árpádtető. After the completion of the building, the content of the spectacular and interactive scientific infotainment installation is being developed.

In recent weeks, the construction of one of the exhibition’s largest venues, the ‘indoor’ auberge–which symbolizes the former forest shacks of Mecsek–has begun. Several terminals will be set up in the building covered by ‘composite’, and their scenarios are also being prepared.

At the same time, the construction of wetland and Mecsek wildlife dioramas is taking place, and their background wallpapers are currently being designed. The cinematic scenes required for the cooking module of the gastro terminal have also been filmed, in addition the development of the digital content and the preparation of graphic designs has begun.

The organizers of the exhibition also made film recordings at tourist attractions of some locations of the partner organization in Croatia–these can be ‘visited’ in the exhibition space here with the help of VR devices. As it is an international project, the translation of the contents from Hungarian to English and Croatian has begun–foreign visitors will be able to access these in the mobile application.

In the Fairy Tale Room, the fairytales and legends associated with Mecsek can be heard in the performance of Ferenc Köles – the accompanying pictorial illustrations are on their way.

Mecsek Discovery Center is a part of the international ecotourism cooperation called EAGLE, implemented in Croatian-Hungarian joint venture with the support of the European Union, and is expected to open its doors at the end of this autumn.

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